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10 places you want to visit and why


  1. Grand Canyon : because of the magnificent of the place, the glass ring, the view …
  2. Venise : Even if I went for one day, I want to have more time to enjoy the city and also have like my hotel in the city 😁
  3. Copenhagen : Because northern countries rules. Also, the Scandinavian design and lifestyle
  4. London : ‘cause I never went even if it’s so close to us geographically
  5. Ireland for the view and the landscape mostly. I could fancy a road trip there
  6. Apple new HQ
  7. Google campus in Palo Alto
  8. Mexico City, because it seems so vibrant, and a dear friend of mine is living here, it would be nice to come and say hi!
  9. Greece. Probably Athen because of the rich history of the city but I think I could enjoy also a trip to the islands like Santorini
  10. Toronto / Montreal would be awesome to visit