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10 TV or movie characters that you relative with the most


  1. The friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Because he got like nice power but always trapped into the imposter syndrome
  2. Hermione Granger, because I’m always right. Especially with José 😁
  3. Gorge Clooney in Up in the air. The feeling of not having a home of myself when I’m travelling a lot. Or that everywhere is kinda my home. And also because of his total Inability to bound to other people because he’s too scared of what can happen.
  4. Tales of the city: I think the millennial black guy 30 something. Because he’s in a relationship with some older Daddy which had some issues to express his feeling and talk about his history while HE his pretty open to speaking about all of this
  5. What / IF : the protagonist. She’s definitely me. Being overthinking about her relationship, inflencable but also getting her way at some point and find how to navigate the world of venture capitalism and all the drama. Also, choosing to just overcome some very traumatic events by saying “it’s over now” and move on.
  6. East siders: I think I’m the guy in the relationship which has the rich family and is just completely fucked up in his mind and agree to open relationship even if he’s not confortable with this and always say ok to his bf even if it’s terrible idea. Then not even say “I told you so” (but totally own the right to do so)
  7. House of cards: Well that’s an easy one, Claire Underwood. Because, Robin Wright first, then because she’s the kind, honest but also cold one. It’s not how she was. But people and context made her like this. But that’s not removing who she is deep inside and she struggle to stick to her values while playing the game she has to play.
  8. Special: IDK why but I kinda relate to the protagonist. Even if I don’t have any mental health condition, I think we, as gay men, all relate to that if we didn’t have a trauma in our coming out. Having a mother that don’t want to let you fly of your own, finding a flat, then being able to make new experiments and navigate through this hard world… kinda my gay teens years.
  9. Osmosis: Could be Billie for being the only one who seems to really care to people, or Joséphine for wanting to escape a fucking toxic relationship (I mean, your BF create a system that let you be always connected to another one AND have a control to locate you at any moment. Suuuuuuure so healthy)
  10. Theodore from HER. OMG this movie. It’s everything. I’m fucking crying each time I’m watching it. And I 100% identify myself to him. Like … could have been me if I was straight … for real.